Origin of the project

Our founders' project since 1946

Father Lucien-Marie DORNE and Mother Marie-Augusta, our founders, had thought about the church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary construction project in Saint-pierre-de-Colombier  since the very beginning of our foundation (1946).

Today, pilgrims are becoming ever more numerous. Up to day, the parish church of Saint-Pierre-de-Colombier serves as a place of worship, but it doesn't fit with larger gatherings that take place during the year.

Our Lady of the Snows site project is also necessary to offer suitable reception conditions that meet with safety standards.

The building permit obtained on December 12, 2018 is for :

"the construction of Our Lady of the Snows site including the construction of the church and its annexes, the forecourt and access, a reception building with garage, a pilgrims' drop-off area, a pedestrian footbridge linking the drop-off area to  the forecourt of the church."

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