Presentation of the Missionary Family of Our Lady

The Missionary Family of Our Lady is a religious family at the service of the Church for the education of the hearts to the beauteous love.

The Missionary Family of Our Lady was founded on December 15 1946 by Father Lucien-Marie Dorne, at Saint Pierre-de-Colombier in Ardèche (France).


The Missionary Family of Our Lady is one only spiritual Family : « The Family Domini ». It includes Brothers and Sisters united by a filial love toward theirs superiors who are a Father and a Mother and are true spiritual educators.
They fully live from the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastety, and obedience, like the Holy Family, to renew the spirit of family.

Father Lucien Marie Dorne and Mother Marie-Augusta, who are at the origin of this charisma, have always seeked the will of God and have consented to give of themselves without limit following in the footsteps of Jesus and of Our Lady of the Snow in the “never the one without the other“. Thus, they tried to fulfill the great prayer of Jesus : “Ut sint Unum” = “may they be ONE” !


With her Father and Mother, the Missionary Family of Notre Dame shares the ardent desires of the heart of Jesus who has a burning desire to win souls to his love. Their members want to be apostles of Love in the truth and energy of the beauteous love. They actively seek union with God through meditation, participation to the Eucharist, adoration, prayer, divine office while benefiting from the richness of the liturgical reform set forward by Vatican II.
Their mission is the education of the hearts, with the help of and according to the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. They find their joy in following and sharing the teachings of the Pope and the Bishops united to Him, thus taking part in the new Evangelization, and in the foundation of the civilization of Love and Truth.

The Missionary Family of OUR LADY

This missionary family is the missionary family of Our Lady. In the footsteps of their Father and Mother, their members are tightly roped up to Our Lady of the Snow, first one to lead and to teach how to lead the great Olympic fight for purity and to educate the hearts to love as Jesus loves. Today the pilgrimage to Our Lady of the Snow continues to grow in the spiritual center of Saint-Pierre-de-Colombier in Ardèche (France), place of formation of the Brothers and Sisters of the Institute.
Today the community is rooted in 15 centers in France, Italy and Germany (see map of France).

The Canonical recognition of the Community by the Roman Catholic Church

On December 15, 1946, on the occasion of the blessing of the statue of Our Lady of the Snow at St Pierre du Colombier, the Bishop of Viviers authorized the foundation of the Missionary Family of Our Lady. The charisma given to Father Dorne and to Mother Marie Augusta is recognized - with the agreement of Rome - on October 7, 2000, by Mgr Francois Blondel, Bishop of Viviers, who has set up the Missionary Family of Our Lady as an Institute for Consecrated Life attached by Canon law to the Diocese.

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