Press release: the Missionary Family provides further details

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October 19 2023 press release

Saint Pierre de Colombier: The Missionary Family of Our Lady provides further details

Saint Pierre de Colombier: The Missionary Family of Our Lady provides further details

Following the events that have taken place over the last few days in Saint Pierre de Colombier, the Missionary Family of Our Lady would like to provide necessary information to help you understand the situation.

Construction work on the reception building for the Our Lady of the Snows site resumed on Monday October 9, with all the necessary authorizations in place, as confirmed by the prefecture's press release published on Wednesday October 18, which states that "for the time being, there is nothing to prevent the work from continuing".

On Thursday October 12, activists invaded the site and two people chained themselves to the excavator in order to violently block further work.

Faced with the threat of this happening again, many members of the Community wanted to be on site on Monday October 16 to prevent it from happening again, and to protect the workers and machinery from another violent and illegal intrusion on this private worksite. However, the environmental activists destroyed and knocked down the fences surrounding the site, and made another violent attempt to neutralize the machinery. The images are overwhelming. Brothers and sisters tried to stand in their way, but were brutally knocked down. They were, however, able to seize the tools with which the activists chained themselves to the machines. One Brother was injured in a fall and taken to hospital with a sprained ankle. As the police force did not intervene to evacuate those present illegally on the site, the Brothers and Sisters remained around the machines all day, praying peacefully for all...

The following day, Tuesday October 17, the gendarmerie forces first tried to stop another violent intrusion, but the environmental activists again destroyed the barriers and invaded the site. The Brothers and Sisters then formed a peaceful cordon around the militants and continued to pray. When the machines started up again, the militants again violently forced their way through the cordon of gendarmes and religious and neutralized the site, in the presence of a sworn bailiff who drew up a report.

The Missionary Family of Our Lady prays for those opposed to its project. It urges that the law be respected, and that the authorizations given by the State - and confirmed on several occasions by the administrative courts - be implemented.

Its members have not committed any act of violence; they have interposed themselves in the face of violent and illegal actions, and have endeavored to ensure that their rights, which were being violated in their own home, are respected. From the bottom of their hearts, they express their thanks to their families and large numbers friends, who are currently supporting them, with messages now arriving from all over the world in support.

The Missionary Family of Our Lady renews its confidence in the contractors, and also asks on their behalf that work be resumed as quickly and safely as possible.

It recalls the beautiful words of the psalm: "Love and truth meet, justice and peace embrace". The Community reiterates its opposition to all violence, prays for its opponents, and firmly demands that its rights be respected in accordance with the laws of the State.


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