Press release : Privas court order: FMND appeals

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November 6th, 2023 press release

Privas court order: FMND appeals

On Friday October 27, opponents of the construction of the Our Lady of the Snows site had us served a motion notice at the Privas judicial court to suspend work, claiming the destruction of protected species, in particular Reseda Jacquinii, which could potentially be present on the site.

Following a hearing at the Privas judicial court on Monday October 30, the summary proceedings judge issued his decision: he is suspending the work until a more in-depth study of the reseda species can be carried out.

The Missionary Family of Our Lady takes note of this order, which it considers manifestly unfounded.

In fact, it runs counter to all the decisions already taken by the competent administrative authorities in this field, which were themselves based on studies deemed serious and complete by the French government.

Under these conditions, the Missionary Family will naturally appeal against this order as soon as possible.

It also wishes to point out that no protected species has been destroyed on the site, and the precautions taken specifically for the reseda species have been validated by a specialist consultancy and confirmed by the French government.

The Missionary Family of Our Lady is also lending its support to the companies involved in this project, who are in difficulty as a result of this decision, companies who represent "working France"...

It also strongly condemns the vicious tagging on the walls of the neighboring building on Friday October 27: "Neither God nor contractor"; "No to sects"; "God sees you".

The Missionary Family of Our Lady reiterates its firm determination to move forward with this project, in accordance with town planning and environmental law, and once again thanks all the growing number of people who have expressed their support.

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